A big Fuck You to the complexities of society which oppress, limit and shame sexual liberation, education, freedom and experimentation

           We are activists. 

A political statement.                         

The right to sex is political.

The right to speak, visually depict and learn about positive, diverse and consent based sex is political. 

The right to change the mainstream narrative and provide alternative perspectives within sex is political. 

The right to education, healthcare and awareness around sex is political.

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MOAN Zine explores self-liberation, sexual pleasures and unique narratives from all over the world through a variety of creative outputs. 

An erotic platform that acts as a diary for as many people as possible - with a primary focus on women and non-binary. A safe space and a judgement free zone for experiences, fantasies, fetishes and issues to be discussed through a women and non-binary perspective openly. A narrative not often explored in mainstream media

MOAN represents community-led activism through prints and publications.

Distributed by Antenne Books worldwide, stocked in the US via Tales of Lara and stocked on Charmskool - MOAN reaches people from all over the world. 

The publication is made up of 94 pages filled with honest and unique written submission from all over the world, each exploring new fantasies, fetishes and desires. Featuring new voices, experiences and conversation starters around safe sex, consent and positivity. MOAN illustrations and featured photographers are a huge feature of the publication. Each zine is handcrafted, risograph printed with matt black covers, hand embossed gloss illustration and MOAN screen printed with gold ink. In collaboration with Dizzy Ink, we’ve made this the sexiest publication it can be, celebrating all individuals within.

MOAN also represents the community-led activism through music and events.

Using the power of music & events to connect with the community on a deeper level, to rebel and to create multisensory narratives, which make our activism harder to silence. MOAN events bring people together and are a catalyst for sensuality, liberation and exploration. If you are interested by this, online mixes are uploaded on SoundCloud for you to listen and all event details are updated through the Instagram.  

Alongside the above, MOAN collaborates with multiple creatives for new and exciting projects. A recent example is the MOAN X Caravaggio’s Cupid film titled OWNING MY BODY, a beautiful story of self-love, liberation, eroticism, and sensuality. Currently playing behind this text.

We are always looking for new projects so, if you are a creative and want to collaborate, please send an email to

If you wish to publish your erotic stories, poetry and/or education writing in the next publication, please email and follow @moan_zine for further information.